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Leasing Leads to Sales

Leasing Leads to Sales
Looking to invest? Now's the best time in three years, with a wider variety of buildings for sale (311 S Wacker and 541 N Fairbanks hit last week) and leasing on the rise in the CBD. Transwestern's Tom Gorman tells us we should see some of the pent-up capital coming back to market this year and next.
Tom Gorman
Buildings with good-credit tenants will have the easiest time with finding financing this year. But some of the leasing terms being requested by tenants are getting harder to swallow for landlords looking to sell a building, Tom tells us—we may not see so manytermination options if landlords want to sell their building in the near term, though. Want to learn more? Hear Tom at our Bisnow Leasing Summit this Wednesday at the Metropolitan Club. Sign up here!
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Scott Goldman

One of the tenant reps who might be asking for those concessions is UGL Service's Scott Goldman. Scott says while the market's starting to improve, there are still some great opportunities available for most tenants at very attractive prices. In fact, as gas prices continue to rise and more employees rely on public transportation, downtown's where companies will want to be. This will help the overall downtown market—especially the West Loop, given its proximity to the train stations. Want to hear more from Scott? He's also a speaker at our Bisnow Leasing Summit. Really, this may yourlast chance to sign up (sort of).