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Brian Liston, Robert Krier, James Billard, Warren Hill
The execs at Hill Mechanical found a way to keep their business and manufacturing jobs in Illinois despite rising taxes. Liston & Tsantilis' Brian Liston, with Hill's Robert Krier, James Billard, and Warren Hill helped the firm get a 6b tax incentive (no, that doesn't mean "billion") from Cook County to expand its 136k SF facility into three empty former Centrella warehouses (15k SF, 85k SF and 75k SF) adjacent to its office and manufacturing facility at 11045 Gage Ave in Franklin Park. One building has been renovated into a storage facility and learning center; the other will soon become a manufacturing learning center.
Hill Mechanical
Hill is 75 years old. (Things have changed a bit since 1936, but the Cubs still haven't won the Series.) Mechanical systems, like HVAC pipes and vents, used to be shipped to a building site and constructed there. In the last few years, Hill has manufactured most of the systems in its warehouse, then installed them in larger chunks on site (their process was documented on the Discovery Channel earlier this year). This means more space is needed to assemble parts and more workers are in the warehouse rather than on site at Hill's many projects like Children's Memorial Hospital and Carle Clinic in Urbana.