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In the Bag!

WASHINGTON DC 03.23.2017


An In-Depth Look at the Drivers of One of DC's Hottest Quadrants

Bruce Baschuk -- J Street Companies
Bryant Foulger -- Foulger-Pratt
Adrian Washington -- Neighborhood Development Company
In the Bag!
In the Bag!

CBRE's Kip Hennelly,  Morgan/Harbour Construction's Greg Freehauf, Harris Architects' Kelly Harris, Morgan/Harbour's Warren Seil, and Morgan Realty Partners' Bill Waliewski  all took part in Morgan/Harbour's Second Annual Bags Classic Tournament at the Max in McCook this weekend. They enjoyed the 75-person tournament almost as much as the two projects Harris and Morgan/Harbour are working on together: a public works facility for the Village of Wheeling and a new building for Saratoga Foods.