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Holiday Parties Begin!

Holiday Parties Begin!
YREP, YOBA, and CREW lit up River North with holiday spirit (and open bars). We just happened to be in the neighborhood, so . . .
Gold Coast Bank's Santiago Martinez, MRSA's Elizabth Peron, Marcus & Millichap's Matt Schneider, Inland American's Jason Volk and MRSA's Kristen Ward.

At the YREP party at Underground, we snapped Gold Coast Bank's Santiago Martinez, MRSA's Elizabeth Peron, Marcus & Millichap's Matt Schneider, Inland American's Jason Volk, and MRSA's Kristen Ward. Matt just closed three small deals (good idea, nobody likes a holiday glutton) and Kristen and Elizabeth are working on designing a 20k-SF space for insurance firm Coverdell.

Floor Coverings International's Billy Brewster, NorthMarq's Chris Leggee, and Ablum Brown & Co.'s Peter Irwin (here with EndureToCure's Jason Sissel

Take 2: We snapped Floor Coverings International's Billy Brewster, NorthMarq's Chris Leggee, and Ablum Brown & Co.'s Peter Irwin(here with EndureToCure's Jason Sissel) on Wednesday as well, but couldn't get them in our issue. Good thing our we met again. (Were we following them, or vice versa?) Peter?s handling workouts in the suburbs, and Jason's charity, which raises money for pediatric cancer causes, was the beneficiary of the evening's raffle.