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Community Banks May Soon Lend

Community Banks May Soon Lend
Clark Street Capital's Jon Winick

Clark Street Capital's Jon Winick has seen a lot of banks through hard times as the founder of one of the only successful financial services companies to start after Lehman failed in 2008. He's hoping the passage of the new Small Business Lending Act will help some community banks get back on track with their lending. The $30B available to the banks to shore up their capital stacks and clean up some of the bad loans they've been extending will help them focus on core lending strategies again, he says. Because about a quarter of commercial real estate loans were made by banks with less than  $10B in assets, and very few of those banks were able to obtain TARP, this bill should repair some of those inequities, Jon says. Clark Street is currently marketing the Chicagoland SFR & Lots Portfolio through its Bank Asset Network subsidiary.

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