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Clean-up Crew

Clean-up Crew
JC Restoration's Daniel Reyes, Tom Davis, Bethany Hancock, Warner Cruz , Bill Robinson and Michael Collins

J.C. Restoration has grown its transaction volume by about 40% for each of the last five years, which is good news for capitalism, but not necessarily property managers and building owners. See, JCR cleans and repairs damage from floods, fires, mold, or any other insurable offense. The family-owned business has grown from a mom and pop shop to a 70-employee company over the last 29 years. We snapped JCR's Daniel ReyesTom DavisBethany HancockWarner Cruz,Bill Robinson, and Michael Collins  assessing the damages on a property last week.

JC Restoration's Michael Collins, Bethany Hancock, Daniel Reyes
JCR has taken care of properties nationwide; with the help of its buses and semi-trailers, it can bring 40 people, equipment, and even a bus with meeting space to a job. They restore more than 1,000 buildings per year, with the average price of a project running about $50k, Michael says. He adds that about 55% are commercial buildings, but they've also restored celebrity homes condos and even a few Frank Lloyd Wright buildings.