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CREW's Open Forum

CREW's Open Forum
Enza Parrella and Michelle Krause
Yesterday, in a new program promoting open discussion, CREW members talked about how to cut costs in their businesses. At the helm of the lunch program: Partners by Designs' Enza Parrella and Ginsberg Jacobs' Michelle Krause. Enza says architecture firms are facing more competition, and one of the best ways to cut costs is to be up front about what project costs will come up during design. Michelle recommended making referrals to other companies or services if you can't handle a client request yourself.
DeVry's Karen Levine, Interior Investments Molly Shoemaker and Krohn Studios Deborah Krohn
DeVry's Karen Levine, Interior Investments Molly Shoemaker, and Krohn Studios Deborah Krohn also chipped in. Karen says her biggest challenge as the head of real estate for DeVry's nursing department is to get them to think differently—not just about what real estate they have, but also finding new property or being more efficient with the real estate they acquired with the Chamberlain College of Nursing last year. Deborah is trying to get CREW members to use the "member forum" function on the website to interact with each other and make referrals for clients.