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HK Worldwide Moving's Sylvie Trey, Arina Ratner and Oren Arsers, and Bluespark Carbon?s Bradley Butterfield at CAR event

The  Chicago Association of Realtors held its international real estate cocktail hour last night at District Bar, where we snapped HK Worldwide Moving's Sylvie TreyArina Ratner, and Oren Arsers, and Bluespark Carbon?s Bradley Butterfield. The folks from HK are teaming with brokers to help move people and companies overseas;Israel  and Germany are seeing a lot of action. Bradley is helping companies in China  analyze and reduce their carbon footprint.

Appraisal Institute's Henry Garcia, FitzGerald Associates Architects' Steven Wasilowski, and Chicago's Real Estate Agency's Don Felton at CAR event

We went global and local by chatting up Appraisal Institute's Henry Garcia, FitzGerald Associates Architects' Steve Wasilowski, and Chicago's Real Estate Agency's Don Felton. Steven is helping design the Canadian Civil Rights Museum  in Winnipeg, with professionals from around the world meeting via Webex. Don is working on neighborhood stabilization projects in Humboldt Park and South Cook County. If his team meets online, we suspect it's just because they don't want to get up and walk into the other room.