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But How Much?

But How Much?
How much of that private equity on the sidelines will be invested, and when? Wildman Harrold attorney and business strategist David Fischer will tell you . . . at the Bisnow Workouts and Restructurings panel tomorrow morning. Last chance to sign up!
Wildman Harrold's David Fischer
30-year industry vet, David knows the pattern of a recession and thinks that there's still a lot of adversarial processes left in this one. Until now, workouts have been agreeable because owners and lenders knew when to recognize the loss on bottom tier assets. As the banks finish taking out the garbage on the worst loans, they'll start taking a look at the marginal assets, which might cause more heated disagreements between owners and lenders. David tells us the next round will see the more than $1 trillion lent out between 2005 and 2008 coming due between now and 2013. For more insight, see him and many more tomorrow.
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