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Aquascapes' Office Array


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Aquascapes' Office Array
Aquascapes Roberto Cosme, Office Concepts' Carole Huber, and Courtney Pirosko.

Aquascapes Roberto Cosme  stands near both the pond his landscaping firm built at a 260k-SF St. Charles office campus and two great catches: Office Concepts' Carole Huber  and Courtney Pirosko. Next year, Aquascapes will convert this into a swimming pond (yes, so employees can take a dip during breaks) complete with waterfall and tunnel.

Aquascapes' Office Array

Aquascapes own office at St. Charles was just built-out by Artisan Group. The LEED-Silver space has carpet tiles that represent the view of earth from an airplane. (Can you see your house?) In the upper left corner, you can spot the president's enclosed two-story office and library. Also included: rooms with sleeper sofas for the companies traveling salesman, each with a different theme from Bug Bungalow  to  Janitor's Closet.