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Aqua Tower Tour

Aqua Tower Tour
Studio/Gang's Jeannie Gang speaks in Aqua Tower

Members of the Commercial Real Estate Council spent their lunch breaks on a tour of the completed-in-May Aqua Tower, led by Magellan's Deanna Bennett. She noted its 115k SF of amenities, including three pools, two hot tubs, outdoor grills, and a track. The amenities are shared by a hotel (still seeking one for the first 18 floors), the apartments, and condos.

Magellan's Deanna Bennett at Aqua Tower

Aqua's architect, Studio/Gang's Jeannie Gang, described her thought process. She said that each of the building's 82 concrete balcony plates were part of a larger strata design that was assembled first. They also help block the wind from creating a continuous motion across the building, eliminating the need for a damper (that's the weight at the top of a tall building to keep it from swaying). Balconies range  from 4-12 feet.