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UrbanLabs' Sarah Dunn and Martin Felsen

The  Chicago Architecture Foundation celebrated Valentine's Day early this year by featuring three architect couples discussing how to mix love and work. UrbanLabs' Sarah Dunn and Martin Felsen started working together on competitions just after grad school in ‘95, but their proudest joint accomplishment is their live/work space on Morgan Street. The couple says they’re together almost 24/7 but still argue about whose name goes first when they design together. (Sarah thinks it should be alphabetical.) They're also working on a project called Archeworks,  to bring green space to South and West Side communities.

Tigerman McCurry's Stanley Tigerman and Margaret McCurry

Tigerman McCurry's Stanley Tigerman and Margaret McCurry have been together for 31 years next month, but they’ve only workedtogether on six projects. Margaret says they'll only work together for good friends who understand that if the couple fights during the design process, it's going to be okay. One of their favorite projects together is a 1k-SF corrugated metal house in Michigan, which illustrates the combination of several different architectural ideas. Margaret says it's about 60% her idea and 40% Stanley's. Stanley didn’t object, which helps explain those 31 years.