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John Munroe is about to earn his MBA from Wake Forest University

John Munroe got a job as a finance analyst with ING Real Estate in Washington, DC, after earning an undergraduate degree from NC State in 2004. Maybe that's why the 30-year-old Winston-Salem native was better able to see the writing on the wall as the market began to tumble in the late 2000s. He decided to leave ING and, while the CRE industry corrected itself, get an MBA. He'll be graduating from WFU this spring. ?I felt like by the time I got out, hiring would be back on the upswing.? While development is his ultimate goal, John says he hopes initially to land something in acquisitions and investment sales. He'll focus his search for the time being in the Charlotte and Raleigh areas. An MBA is almost standard equipment for anyone looking for work today. ?An undergraduate degree is like a high school diploma was 20 years ago,? he says.

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