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Boston's Boom: A Lab For Building Innovation

One good thing about a boom: it gives developers, architects and construction companies the chance to innovate. In fact, they have to innovate, or be left out. Come hear more about it from expert speakers at our Boston Building Boom event at the Westin Waterfront Boston on Tuesday, May 3.


Among our speakers will be HYM partner and director of development Doug Manz, who tells us it's more important than ever to curate an experience and weave innovative developments into the fabric of their neighborhoods.

He says that HYM foresees strong, continued demand for its mixed-use projects in Boston, particularly given local job growth and continued demographic trends of people moving to Boston/Cambridge. Snapped: HYM's Mike Barowsky, David Bracken, Doug, John Hurley, in front of a model of the company's Government Center Garage redevelopment.


These type of thoughtful developments, which are desired by both residents and workers, not only strengthen neighborhoods but mitigate market uncertainty with their phased approach and mix of uses.

"We strive for all of our mixed-use projects to make financial sense, be sustainable, enhance their neighborhoods and be flexible enough to adapt to changing market conditions," says Doug. Pictured: HYM's NorthPoint, which is entitled for 5.2M SF of development.


Another speaker will be NB Development Group managing director Jim Halliday, who tells us the Boston office market is one of the strongest in the country.

"With the evolution of the tenant mix, including many design, technology and media companies, we're expecting demand to remain strong for the foreseeable future," he says.

Jim's snapped with his charges in 2012-'13 at Cranmore Mountain in North Conway, where he teaches skiing every winter.


Jim says the types of office space users in Boston are also those more prone to explosive growth. "The expansion combined with continued relocation of firms looking for that more urban environment certainly bode well for the Boston market."

Pictured: NB Development's Boston Landing, a mixed-use development on about 14 acres along the Mass Turnpike in the Brighton neighborhood; it will include about 650k SF of office space, plus retail, a hotel, a sports complex and a stop on the Framingham/Worcester commuter line.

You can hear more about the Boston boom at our Boston Building Boom event at the Westin Waterfront Boston on Tuesday, May 3. Sign up here.