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What's 150' High, 338 Feet Long And Inside Fenway Park?

Boston Neighborhood

Fenway Park's Big Air Jump is being assembled (all 26,000 pieces) for its big day on Feb. 11 and 12. And when the estimated 25,000 people stream in, the jump will be even taller than the originally announced figure, according to BostInno. The structure reaches 150 feet high and 338 feet long.


The daredevils people running from something dark in their past athletes descend a steep 39 degrees, then do their best Dustin Pedroia impression as they land close to home plate. The International Ski Federation-sanctioned event will feature world-class skiiers and snowboarders, including gold medalists such as Sage Kotsenburg. Snow-making begins on Feb. 3 and will likely be a mix of natural and man-made. [BostInno]