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Why Downtown Boston Has Right Stuff For Long-Term Growth

Downtown's the hub of the Hub, but will its growth momentum slow down as Millennials age? The speakers at our Future of Downtown Boston June 21 at the Boston Seaport Aloft will offer their take on what's next for creative offices, cool new apartments, historic renovation and more.


Among our speakers will be Midwood Investments president John Usdan, who tells us the answer is a resounding yes—Downtown will maintain its momentum.

He says Downtown Boston is the historical center of the city, between the Common, Beacon Hill, the Financial Center and the Government Center, and blessed with the best public transportation in the city, the largest concentration of historical sites, and what will become the best shopping in the city. The infrastructure is in place to support growth while preserving a unique sense of history and place.


John further points out cities have not only endured but thrived over centuries because they contain intellectual, cultural, historic, creative and economic capital. "Boston will continue to attract the best and the brightest and increasingly as great buildings are built to accommodate that growth, Downtown will become even more so than today, the place to be."

Find out more about what's to come at the Future of Downtown Boston beginning at 7:30am on June 21 at the Boston Seaport Aloft. Sign up here.