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Area Restaurants in Hot Water


Restaurant operating costs are rising across the board; the challenge is to lower costs without impacting revenue. EcoThermal Filter division sales manager Dan Mocci may have an answer: a grease filtration system that redirects waste heat to the hot water tank. What it boils down to: a more cost-effective way to pre-heat domestic hot water for washing dishes, saving restaurants about $4k to 6k/year. Here’s how it works: the traditional cook line gives off waste heat, which travels out a vent. Instead of that waste heat not being useful, here it’s redirected to the hot water tank, bringing the tank temperature to 120 degrees (only 20 more degrees are required to meet code for washing dishes). That amounts to a whole lot less natural gas used to heat water. Dan says the system can last about 15 years, and the lifetime savings can be about $40k to $60k. Dan says it’s not only a smart economical idea, but a great way to go green. For more info on our Bisnow partner, click here.