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With '09 revenues of $1.7 billion, Suffolk Construction's John Fish is working with the downturn to make his company more tech savvy, efficient, and sustainable. Fees are lower than ever, down 25 to 30% from a few years ago, but John says his firm is growing.
Suffolk Construction's John Fish, John, Jeff Gouveia, Kim Steimle, and Mike Azarela
We snapped John, Jeff Gouveia, Kim Steimle, and Mike Azarela plotting strategy for some new projects: Suffolk University's $28M Modern Theatre, the $151M Miami Science Museum, $75M parking garages for the Florida Marlins, a $35.5M Los Angeles middle school campus, and a $17M Dulles, Virginia office for Raytheon. John says that challenging economic times create opportunities to cement long-term relationships and raise performance levels to meet higher expectations. The weak economy will take down many contractors, but he's determined to be a survivor. So when competing for the Miami Museum Suffolk won last month, his team was prepared with a BIM-built proposal outlining the challenges, schedule, and estimated cost: ?We showed we understood.?
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Suffolk Construction's John Fish
As a Boston Fed board member, John looks at industry and macroeconomic trends. One point: Since 1964, efficiency in the overall economy has increased 224%, but in construction has fallen 20%. John says Suffolk can counter that by using tools like BIM t o estimate and schedule jobs much sooner than before and pre-fabricate components to save time, materials, and improve quality. Also, after 22 years with a CRE focus, Suffolk has jumped into more healthcare, sci/tech and education, ?pockets of opportunity nationwide.? Last fall, it acquired William A. Berry, a healthcare and sci/tech construction specialist, which upped Suffolk to 1,000 employees, compared to 800 just a few years ago.
Suffolk isn't only fleet of foot in contracting, it helps field a tough team of Boston student athletes. Its charitable arm, the Red & Blue Foundation, sponsored the Boston Scholar Athlete program for Boston Public School students a week ago Saturday. At the event, 72 student athletes were honored for outstanding academic achievement. We snapped Boston Scholar Athlete staff: Kate Sheridan, Brian Morrissey, Bruce McKinnon, Katy Meade, Keir Evans, Alyssa Karam, and Evan Davis.