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SPONSOR SPOTLIGHT: Prince Lobel Renewables

SPONSOR SPOTLIGHT:  Prince Lobel Renewables
SPONSOR SPOTLIGHT:  Prince Lobel Renewables
Driven by financial incentives, corporate citizenship initiatives, and ?green appeal,? many property owners, developers, and corporate clients are beginning to understand the value of generating renewable and sustainable energy. Recognizing this trend, Prince Lobel attorneys Craig Tateronis and Adam Braillard founded Prince Lobel Renewables, the firm's first-of-its-kind turnkey project management initiative created specifically to assist clients in all aspects of the assessment, financing, and development of renewable energy projects (bonuses: legal experience and deep understanding of all available federal and state incentives). The team—which has been in project management since building 400 wireless sites for T-Mobile across New England—has helped clients create a more sustainable and competitive business, like Eastern Avenue Holdings? 200 kW solar energy system in Chelsea. Click here for a free renewable energy evaluation for your biz, or visit their website.