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DGT Survey Group's John Silveri, Moses Mohammad, Al Najimy, and Mike Clifford
Ever wonder how buildings go up on crowded city sites without hacking up the neighbors? walls or puncturing a water pipe? Ask these guys from DGT Survey Group, John Silveri, Moses Mohammad, Al Najimy, and Mike Clifford. (Best wait until they finish that take-out from Southie, which we caught them snacking on last Wednesday.) They're working on the new office tower being built around the old Russia Wharf and concession areas at Fenway. As surveyors, they locate surrounding structures, align old and new buildings, and assure accurate elevations and column lines.
Bob Staples, Ana Lally, Sam Taleb
Wasn't long before the toys came out. Bob Staples, Ana Lally,Sam Taleb, and Mike show off their 3D laser scanner that measures 900,000 points per second compared to 500 points perday with the older electronic instruments. Mike says it can do some tricky maneuvers. Every off season they work at Fenway, and some years, he says, they align the Pesky Pole so ?it leans out when the Sox are up and in when Yankees come to bat.? We know the fury of doing things without the express written consent of Major League Baseball, so we'll add he was joking. We think.
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