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BBuild Boston panel Jeanne Lukenda, Wendi Goldsmith, Lisa Brothers, Kathy McMahon
We joined the multitudes attending the BSA's Build Boston, an architecture/building trade show and conference at the World Trade Center last week. The convention floor was filled with the latest in everything from faucets to fiberglass panels. Upstairs were scores of meetings like this one on leadership strategies. Here's Carol R Johnson principal Jeanne Lukenda, Bioengineering Group CEO Wendi Goldsmith, Nitsch Engineering CEO Lisa Brothers, and CBTArchitects? marketing director Kathy McMahon.
Nitsch Engineering's Lisa Brothers
A study in contrasting routes to success: Nitsch is a business run by disciplined engineers. Lisa says they have a plan, watch their metrics, and practice open book management. In '09, when fear was rife, their open quarterly meetings assured the staff that they were still profitable. Indeed, Lisa says the recession presents them opportunities for growth by acquisition. Kathy says that in ?08 CBT was bursting at the seams with a staff of 280. In ?09, ?theworld came crashing down.? They cut staff, retrenched to core markets and formulated a simple plan to expand geographically and enter select project competitions. They won the big ones: Atlantic Wharf and Liberty Mutual and are again growing.
Integrative Design's Bill Reed, Whipple Construction Jerry Pucillo
Moving beyond LEED, Integrative Design Collaborative?s Bill Reedand Whipple Construction's Jerry Pucillo tell us that they're working on a deeper way of thinking about sustainability. They recommend that the architect, developer, engineer, and builder allcollaborate from day one. For instance, Bill is now designing Phase 3 for the NJ-based Willow School?s $15M project. He's suggesting triple-glazed argon windows. They're costly at about $30k but help create such a tight envelope, there's no need for radiators beneath them, horizontal duct work is reduced, and the boiler can be significantly smaller. That adds up to an immediate saving of about $55k. Plus, every year heating costs are lower.
Citizens? Housing & Panning Association?s Aaron Gornstein, journalist Paul McMorrow, Edwards Wildman's Rebecca Lee, Utile Design's Tim Love
Another panel, Meet the Neighbors, offered tips for gettingdevelopment projects approved in our region?s rigorous permitting process. Weighing in: Citizens? Housing & Planning Association?s Aaron Gornstein, journalist Paul McMorrow, Edwards Wildman real estate attorney Rebecca Lee, Utile Design's Tim Love and moderator, Solomon McCown?s Helene Solomon. Aaron stressed getting in front of the public and permitting authorities early to present the facts and ask for fair, balanced treatment. Rebecca called on development teams to spend more time listening than talking. Tim says have a single narrative that drives design, marketing, and communications. And Paul calls on developers to be honest, transparent, and available.