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Art Deco in P.O. Square

Art Deco in P.O. Square
Dan McQuade
In the next few weeks, Tishman Construction of Massachusetts? president Dan McQuade will have his team attend to the final details of a 2.5-year job renovating a significant chunk of the interior of the former New England Telephone HQ at 185 Franklin St. in Post Office Square. One of few Art Deco gems in town,Verizon sold the building it has long occupied and leased back 200k SF. Tishman?s job was to fit out the old 1947 high-rise with enormous generators, new electric, and cooling systems. It has new back-up systems, so the Verizon phone and data facility will keep humming if Con Edison ever goes down. Dan tells us this sensitive work has been done while the building is ?live.? So next time you're sending a text message, tip your cap at Tishman. And then put your hands back on the wheel.