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Report: Baltimore Among Top-Growing Tech Talent Markets


Baltimore witnessed the fourth-largest growth rate for tech talent between 2010 and 2015, according to a CBRE Research report.

Baltimore grew 62% during that time, a tenth of a percentage point behind the San Francisco Bay Area, Nashville and Charlotte, which ranked No. 1 and grew nearly 75%. Oklahoma City, rounded out the top five.

The report also found that tech companies are launching or expanding in smaller markets that boast a lower cost of living and high concentration of college-educated graduates. These markets include Nashville, Charlotte, Tampa, Seattle and Phoenix.

That's led to a rise in demand for office space and fewer office vacancies. CBRE also ranked cities according to tech talent supply, job outlook and 11 other metrics for its Tech Talent Scorecard. The Bay Area topped the list, followed by DC, Seattle, New York City and Austin.