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Happy Valentine’s Day: Two Awesome How-They-Met Stories

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Feb. 15, 1964. St. John Properties’ Jerry Wit was 15. She was 14. He asked her to dance at a Catholic Youth Organization dance at Our Lady of Fatima. At home that night, he said, “I’m going to marry that girl.” And he did, on Nov. 28, 1970. Jerry’s relationship with Diane also enables him to say he dated a Baltimore Colts cheerleader and that he remembers dancing to a song called “I Want to Hold Your Hand” by “some new group from England.”


In '99, Meghan Gill Roy headed to Australia to watch her brother play in a lacrosse tournament and while there also made plans to meet an Australian friend who'd gone to high school in Baltimore. To the Stamford Grand Adelaide hotel bar, he brought along his friend Andy, an Australian who was coaching at the tournament. Thus launched a 10-year friendship in which Meghan and Andy traded birthday cards and, when rates were cheap, phone calls. She saw him briefly in ’03 when he was in the US for a student exchange trip and again in the winter of ’09/’10 when he was in Baltimore for a coaching conference. This time, drinks (at The Brewer’s Art) led to something more. They dated for the remaining three weeks of his trip and then Skyped for an hour each morning and an hour each night for eight months. In August 2010, Meghan flew to Australia, and by the end of her two-week visit, they’d put his house on the market. Andy moved to Baltimore in October 2010, and now the couple has a 14-month-old daughter, Adelaide, named for the place where it all got started 15 years ago. The family (snapped last spring at a Towson University lacrosse game) is expecting a baby brother in April.

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