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Mount Vernon Marketplace to Debut Next Month

    Mount Vernon Marketplace to Debut Next Month

    Mount Vernon residents will get a new neighhorhood amenity next month when the $1.5M Mount Vernon Marketplace debuts Oct. 16. Featuring 13 vendors selling everything from soups to oysters, the 150-seat market will include soup seller The Big Bean Theory, bakery Edible Flavors and charcuterie joint Cultured, says The Time Group development director Dominic Wiker. Pinch Gourmet Asian Dumplings and Taps Fill Station already opened this month.

    Located in the former Hochschild Kohn warehouse at 520 Park Ave, the market is on the ground level of a 171-unit apartment building. It will feed more residents once the Time Group constructs a 153-unit building next door in '17. Some of the more unique features in the market include a ping pong table and a wall-length mural from Michael Owen. Take a sneak peek inside. Learn more about this and other adaptive reuse projects at Reposition This, Unlocking Your Building's True Value Sept. 30 at the Renaissance Harborplace Hotel, starting at 7:30am.

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    Pinch Gourmet Chinese Dumplings

    Pinch Gourmet Chinese Dumplings

    Pinch Gourmet Chinese Dumplings is one of two food vendors that opened this month at Mount Vernon Marketplace. It's open seven days a week, from 11am to 7pm, offering dumplings stuffed with veggies and meat.

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    Asian Foods at Pinch Gourmet Chinese Dumplings

    The dumpling shop also sells Asian food and condiments, including noodle soups and Sriracha. It's not a good day for spicy food lovers when they run out of Sriracha.

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    Ping Pong Table

    The owner of Pinch Gourmet Chinese Dumplings has placed a ping pong table next to his stall. "We wanted to let people's individual creativity shine through and really reflect personality of owner," says The Time Group development director Dominic Wiker.

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    Big Bean Theory

    Big Bean Theory

    Developer Dominic Wiker holds up a sign for The Big Bean Theory, a soup stall that will open next month at Mount Vernon Marketplace. Eula McDowell previously operated a stall at the Owings Mills Mall.

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    Taps Fill Station

    Taps Fill Station opened Sept. 21, offering beer, wine, nitro cold brew coffee and olive oil by the tap.

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    Crepes by Mina

    Crepes by Mina

    Crepes by Mina will sell sweet and savory crepes at the market. The owner also operates Delights by Mina, which sells crepes and African dishes, at 105 N Charles St.

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    The Local Oyster

    The Local Oyster

    A sign for The Local Oyster, where you can slurp delicacies from the Chesapeake Bay.

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    Micha's Sorbet

    Micha's Sorbet will be serving the fruit-flavored treats in this stall starting next month.

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    Fresh Mondays

    Fresh Mondays

    This stall will house Fresh Mondays, which will sell produce, dairy products, jam and eggs.

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    Michael Owen Mural

    The Time Group commissioned local artist Michael Owen—best known for his Baltimore Love Project—to paint a mural along one wall near the entrance. Dominic says the developer wanted the market to reflect the neighborhood—"edgy and interesting."