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So here's the deal: The 35,000 vehicles passing through Fort Meade's gate every day could grow to 60,000, according to Fort Meade Regional Growth Management Committee co-chair Kent Menser. He'll share his playbook for dealing with them when he joins Brigadier Gen. Mike Hayes, Konterra prez Tate Armstrong, COPT's Bill Barroll, TASC's Rosemary Budd, JHU's Rich Roca, and Miles & Stockbridge's Larry Haislip at our BRAC, Cyber & Fort Meade event on Sept 29.Sign up now!.
Stephen Rice and Kent Menser, September 2011
Kent, with Howard County Economic Development Authority's Stephen Rice (people in Bisnow are taller than they appear), tells us his organization is preparing an eight-county, two-city jurisdiction for Fort Meade/BRAC-related growth. Commuting options like carpooling and buses have to be made more appealing than the one-person-per-car status quo, he says. (We know—it's hard to give up the daily private karaoke session.)

Reece Road gate at Fort Meade
How can mass transit be made to look good? (Buick Botox and a Toyota tummy tuck didn't work.) Maybe it's subsidized bus fare or seeing a bus whiz past in an HOV lane or through designated lanes at the base gates (like this one off Reece Road) right to the front door. Kent is also working on RGMC's BRAC Business Initiative tomake the defense contract application process more transparent for small businesses. He tells us 93% of Howard County businesses employ fewer than 50, and 70% of them have fewer than 10.