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Howard County BRAC Office exec director Kent Menser reminded us at our BRAC, Cyber, & Fort Meade Summit last week that BRAC was a move, cyber is a mission, and Fort Meade is a place. The move may be done, but the mission continues and the region willkeep growing. (Also good info if you're playing charades.)
Mike Hayes and Bill Barroll at Hyatt Regency Baltimore on Sept. 29, 2011
Retired Brigadier Gen. Mike Hayes of Maryland Military & Federal Affairs (with COPT's Bill Barroll) expected around 20% of employees to relocate with their agencies from Monmouth, NJ, to Aberdeen Proving Ground under BRAC. 69% made the switch.

Dave Bullock and Kent Menser at Hyatt Regency Baltimore on Sept. 29, 2011
The BRAC Boys: DISA BRAC exec Dave Bullock with Kent. Dave says the 4,300 employees at the Defense Information Systems Agency's new Fort Meade building are happily adjusted. He'd expected 50% attrition when the move was announced, considering only 20% of them lived in Maryland, but a bleak job market, fancy building, telework policy, compressed work week, and money for moving have brought DISA's MD-residing workforce up to 50%. And the HQ is fully staffed.

Larry Haislip, Dave Bullock, Kent Menser, Mike Hayes, and Bill Barroll at Hyatt Regency Baltimore on Sept. 29, 2011
Miles & Stockbridge's Larry Haislip was our worthy leader of the pack. Bill says the 9M SF office market that includes Columbia and BWI South needs 8M SF more to accommodate the contractors following BRAC to our neck of the woods. For its part, COPT has built only six buildings in its National Business Park in the past four years, so there's still plenty of pie left in the cupboard for everyone else. It's got two more delivering this fall.
Workspaces team at Hyatt Regency Baltimore on Sept. 29, 2011
The team at WorkSpaces is busy with its newest project in partnership with Lawson Architects and Century Pacific: Media Links TV?s office in DC. The interior design gurus are putting together office solutions on three floors for Media Links TV, including a production studio, newsroom, editing facilities, and executive offices. Plus, WorkSpaces is growing by the minute, with a new team in DC and Baltimore and new designers in New York. Find out more about WorkSpaces here.
Bronwyn Legette at Hyatt Regency Baltimore, Sept. 29, 2011
You can tell a lot about a person by their shoes. These tell us that WorkSpaces' Bronwyn Legette is a morning person, despite her claims to the contrary.