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Kirby Fowler in Vegas on May 21, 2012
At ICSC in Vegas this week, Downtown Partnership of Baltimore prez Kirby Fowler is meeting with national retailers like Modell's Sporting Goods, Target, and Walmart. Attendance at RECon is more than 30,000, and in Kirby's fifth year there, he says, it feels the most highly attended. In fact, the cab driver from the airport told Kirby it's the most business he's seen in years.
Phil Ruxton and Andy Georelakos in Vegas on May 21, 2012
KLNB managing principal Andy Georgelakos (right, with colleague Phil Ruxton) says the company has 38 brokers at ICSC and the largest booth ever. They're speaking with retailers about KLNB's new cloud-based research and marketing tool, Property Capsule, that can create custom tours for retailers.
Maurice Nieman, Vegas, May 21, 2012
We snapped Colliers investment sales guru Maurice Nieman has already sold $40M in net leases in the first four months of the year and expects that pace to continue. But he sees clouds on the horizon with Q3 ending and potential changes in cap gains rates. In the meantime, he's recently returned from a first visit to Havana, where he joined the Jewish Federation on a humanitarian mission.
John Kerin and Bill Rose, Vegas, May 21, 2012
Marcus & Millichap CEO John Kerin and national retail director Bill Rose making an appearance.
Jaynie Badgett, Brian Colley, and Jennifer Stone, Vegas, May 21, 2012
Dallas-based DefeaseIt marketing interns Jaynie Badgett and Jennifer Stone escort fellow intern Brian Colley (whose bro-in-law is president) to make sure he doesn't get hurt (or hurt anyone else). "It's a good way to visit Las Vegas for the first time," Jaynie says. The trio gets lots of comments, including Unknown Comic references.