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Load Up on Real Estate!

Load Up on Real Estate!
Glenn Clements, Matt Morris, and David Stutts at the Renaissance Harborlace Hotel on Nov. 8, 2012
Interest rates will rise again, so now is the time to grab asmuch real estate as you can, Stewart Information Services Corp chief economist Ted Jones tells us. (Do it like the frontiersmen used to: Just get a whole bunch of flags and stick 'em all over the place.) Ted was scheduled to speak at a recent company event at the Renaissance Harborplace Hotel but was unable to make it, so chief risk officer David Stutts (right) joined Stewart Title group prez Glenn Clements and CEO Matt Morris in his stead, all coming in from Houston. We caught up with both of them for David's thoughts—and what Ted would have said.

Jack Kieley, Joseph Blume, Morgan Gilligan, and Mark Winter at the Renaissance Harborlace Hotel on Nov. 8, 2012
Here are local Stewart leaders Jack Kieley, Joseph Blume,Morgan Gilligan, and Mark Winter. Ted and David tell us the US is buying $40B of real estate loans a month via quantitative easing, which will dilute the value of the dollar. Once the economy's back (the Baltimore metro is only 5,000 jobs shy of its '07/'08 peak of 365,000, having added 2,400 from September '11 to September '12), the US will right that ship by selling Treasuries again, causing interest rates to rise higher than they would've been. So buy now, lock in long-term rates, and watch revenue rise as rents rise.