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Willy Moore and Caroline Moore at Four Seasons Harbor East on Jan. 31, 2012
Look what happens when you sit up front! At last week's BisnowAffordable Housing Summit, Southway Builders' Willy Moore and his wife, Ekistics CEO Caroline Moore, sat right behind us. For a little context here, by the way, Caroline is not particularly short.
Kenneth Gelula, David Reznick, and Ben Zuckerman at Four Seasons Harbor East on Jan. 31, 2012
Reznick Group folks were crawling all over the joint. David Reznick is flanked by Comprehensive Housing Assistance exec director Kenneth Gelula and Reznick's Ben Zuckerman. They were discussing financing and equity for a seniors affordable property, more specifically, ?Can we really make it work?? (A question we are constantly asking ourselves about a Bisnow traffic helicopter.)
Joe Cronyn, Stephen Rudow, and Matt Seward at Four Seasons Harbor East on Jan. 31, 2012
Lipman Frizzell & Mitchell partner Joe Cronyn, AGM Financial Services' Stephen Rudow, and Cassidy Turley's Matt Seward, who works with the Jon and Jay behind the Columbia ProLogis sale from our top story.
Scott Szliga, Cindy Bertoni, Scott Walper, Lindsey Conway, and Sarah Roth at Four Seasons Harbor East on Jan. 31, 2012
Reznick Group's Scott Szeliga (with Professional Restorations'Cindy Bertoni, Scott Walper, and Lindsey Conway and FER Design Group's Sarah Roth) tells us he's been working on New Markets Tax Credit deals all over the country lately. Two local ones that also used historic tax credits are Union Mill for Seawall Development and Mount Vernon Mill for Terra Nova Ventures. That last deal closed at the end of last month. He also tells us his six-month adventure of trying to explain to his four-year-old daughter why the Ravens aren't his team is over. Now she just tells her friends, "My daddy likes the Eagles; it's complicated." We like this girl.