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Learn How Life Sciences And Healthcare CRE Are Transforming In Central Texas At Bisnow’s May Event


Texas has seen tremendous growth in the life sciences industry, with more than 116,000 employees and nearly 7,500 related businesses adding billions of dollars to the state's economy each year. 

Central Texas has emerged as a national hub in this industry. In particular, Austin has become one of the leading U.S. cities in the life sciences sector, bolstered by its highly educated workforce, academic institutions and research facilities. 

DPR Construction, a construction management firm with several locations in Texas, is taking an active role in expanding the state’s life sciences footprint. 

“With life sciences companies continuing to invest and headquarter in Texas, we’re excited to be a part of the state’s evolution by building spaces to meet this growing demand,” said Jose Rivera, DPR Construction Central Region life sciences market leader.

Rivera will speak at Bisnow’s Transformations in Central Texas Healthcare Real Estate event at Hilton Austin on May 22. He’ll be joined by other speakers on a panel titled Life Sciences In Central Texas: Innovation, Growth and Expansion. Register here.

Bisnow spoke with Rivera about the growth of life sciences in Texas, how DPR is contributing to this industry and how the company plans to be a part of its future.  

Bisnow: What trends are you seeing in the life sciences industry in Texas?

Rivera: The trends that I'm seeing right now are very encouraging. There are many economic development organizations throughout Texas focusing on growing the life sciences market, developing and enhancing the ecosystem in their particular area. We’re seeing this all over the state, and these organizations are focused on bringing more biopharma companies from other states who want to make Texas their home. 

There's also a push for talent on the local level. When I started in 2011, this industry was still very much in the infancy stages, especially in Central Texas. Now, we’re getting more traction, interest and support for big events like the recent Texas Life Sciences Summit in Austin. We're seeing how Texas Gov. Greg Abbott continues to support the industry not only in recruiting but in developing resources for high schools, community colleges and universities. 

Bisnow: How is the life sciences sector continuing to innovate and expand its footprint in Central Texas? How is DPR a part of this evolution?

Rivera: DPR has been building facilities for life sciences companies for more than 30 years. For the past seven years, we've been a leading service provider in the U.S. with more than $3.5B of lifetime work. We have proven, national experience and are able to leverage it by helping grow the industry's presence in Texas.  

One of the biggest challenges we are facing in the biopharma industry is finding ways to get that new drug or product to the market and customers faster. We’ve learned that sometimes, while the technology and the innovation are there, the process can still take a long time. 

I’m confident that our expertise, in collaboration with supply chain partners, can streamline that process to get facilities to the market faster. Using our existing relationships and data, we’re focusing on constantly improving our approach to supply chain management, which we believe will be a driver for allowing new biotechnology breakthroughs more accessible to patients not only in Texas but nationwide.

Bisnow: What is the impact that you want DPR to have in Central Texas?

Rivera: DPR is here to help cultivate industry relationships and collaborate with other partners in this growing life sciences ecosystem by continuing to push the boundaries. We have everything we need to do that, including support from universities, the government, research and development resources and a technically trained and skilled workforce. 

Besides building best-in-class facilities for customers in this emerging industry, DPR can be a valued resource with our expertise in the complexities of the market: from finding out if a specialized contractor is necessary, sourcing specific equipment and connecting parties within a network of the right resources to help facilitate this growth we're experiencing. By providing these invaluable services to potential customers, we can encourage companies to move to or establish roots in Texas and help stimulate our life sciences ecosystem. 

Bisnow: What do you see for the future of life sciences in Central Texas, and how will DPR contribute to redefining this landscape? 

Rivera: DPR is proud to be involved in numerous industry network organizations across the state. One organization is Opportunity Austin here in Central Texas, which provides support for policies that will attract companies to build their headquarters or expand here, including a variety of tax exemptions and incentives. Also, the organization lobbies for statewide higher education commitment with specialized programs that will feed the market with a skilled workforce ready to keep the market growing and innovative. 

I believe that the possibilities are endless in Texas. We have everything we need to be the next biopharma hub in the U.S., and DPR is partnering with the right players to make that goal successful, including our economic development groups, industry organizations like BioAustinCTXBiomedSA and BioHouston, and specialized design and construction partners throughout Central Texas and to the state line. By working together with all of these groups, we are helping the life sciences market thrive beyond just building the facilities that bring purpose to action. 

Bisnow: What inspired you to attend Bisnow’s Transformations in Central Texas Healthcare Real Estate event?

Rivera: At DPR, we know the impact that the healthcare and life sciences industry has on our communities, and many times, our own friends and family. Opportunities like this event are so important to stay engaged in these markets in Central Texas because we know that things are always evolving and it's so important for the experts who have a hand in the growth to connect and learn from one another. These events not only provide networking opportunities, but it reminds the integral players in these markets what resources are available to collaborate and connect — ultimately driving the industry forward. 

Register here to find out more about the event. 

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