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UT Med School Dean's 5 Takeaways On Austin Healthcare

Austin healthcare is rising quickly. Nowhere is that more apparent than in watching the construction of the University of Texas' Dell Medical School. Bisnow got five quick takes on Austin's healthcare industry from Dell Med School Dean Clay Johnston, who will be a panelist at Bisnow's upcoming Austin Healthcare 2016.

Clay, pictured with UT president Greg Fenves and state Sen. Kirk Watson, laid out what he sees in Austin healthcare.

1. We see Baylor Scott & White growing its presence in town. I suspect there will be more consolidation and growth coming, with coordination of inpatient and outpatient activities. On the innovation front, we are seeing a national surge in digital health startups and more of these are arising in Austin. We hope that will continue and accelerate.

2.  Most experts think Austin has overbuilt hospital beds. There will be growth in clinics and in new approaches that treat folks remotely.

3. The University of Texas is trying to create programs specifically designed to enable entrepreneurs to be successful in the health space. We’re also developing and testing new models of healthcare to improve outcomes and reduce waste.

4. Austin is talking to a number of biotech companies about the benefits of working here. 

5.  Austin can show the rest of the country how to get health and healthcare right. Austin is ideally situated to lead in digital health and the development of new models of care.

Hear more from Clay at Bisnow's Austin Healthcare 2016 event, when the dean joins our panel of experts. Don't miss out!