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Regus Tasting Notes

Success never tasted so smooth, with hints of dried fruits, spice, and—do I detect a bit of ginger? Regus recently hosted a “Taste of Success,” a broker networking event at Lamar Central in Austin, where guests sampled an array of impeccably curated prized scotches while rubbing elbows with old friends and making new ones.


With its Taste of Success events, Regus elevates the networking experience, taking it “beyond the golf course,” as one guest remarked.

The Taste of Success showcased technologies that provide custom office space solutions for guests’ clients. JLL’s Bre Brown said the technology has the capacity to change the way brokers do business with Regus, specifically citing user-friendly search tools and realistic 3D models of corporate office spaces.

“Simply put, Regus has made it easier to accommodate a large variety of clients,” Bre tells us.

CBRE’s Gaines Bagby thought the event marked “a step in the right direction. Fun, informative and on point.”

Regus gave a tour of its own collaborative office space, which garnered praise from Savills Studley’s John Scoblick, who quipped, “like the scotch, everything about it was top shelf.”

Regus specializes in providing locations for clients that boast customizable amenities and proximity to everything they need.

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