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Taking it to the streets isn't just a great oldies hit, it's the marketing mantra for filling up Tetro Student Village, which serves UTSA: They've got a new mobile leasing center. (Up to this point, students thought trucks were just for food.)


Having the best student housing is no good if potential residents never hear about it. Carter's approach features the community's new mobile leasing center. Here's project manager Lauren Guthrie, leasing manager Kelsey Ring, and leasing agent Madison Lathon. The best part: it actually is a food truck, and Carter VP Dave Nelson tells us "wherever it goes, it can stop and throw a party." (Something it learned from Pauly Shore.) It blasts music and has games and snacks on board as well as an interactive tour of the 590-bed community and iPads for students to sign leases immediately.


Something is working--the site looked like this when we were there right before Christmas, and the community is already 10% pre-leased. The truck has been up and running for a few weeks—the ladies tell us its most interesting location so far was a competitor's community, and its most unique experience was giving a girl a ride home from campus. They tell us the truck demonstrates how Carter is willing to be different and push limits to please residents (a real plus, since students tell them they're dissatisfied by lack of innovation in the market now).