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Bull Realty's Awesome New Look!

Atlanta Office

Bull Realty CEO (and host of the Commercial Real Estate Show) Michael Bull says the firm’s headquarters in Atlanta is now in its second expansion phase, throwing out the 20th century workstations and hipping to the live/work/play vibe. Gone: all wooden, stodgy law office furniture. Now: a coffee shop that looks out on Studio One, where Michael’s nationally syndicated show happens. Also in the mix: a game room with flat screens (name your sport), a conference table that converts into a pool/ping-pong table, and a dartboard. For brokers working on the hush-hush stuff, there are private offices on glass. The mission: to continue to attract good brokers and clients. Some people are surprised to learn that Bull Realty is licensed in nine states throughout the Southeast. For more info on our sponsor, click here. To find out about the Toast & Tour open house June 26th, click here.