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Regent Concourse Office?


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Regent Partners may go with office for its next Concourse Corporate Center development. (That's the beauty of a blank canvas.)

Regent Concourse Office?

Regent's chairman David Allman tells us his firm is reconsidering plans for an apartment tower and instead could do a mixed-use tower with a focus on office. "We've looked at that site from several different scenarios, and some of that is mixed-use," David says. "We have not made a final decision." When Regent purchased the 1.2M SF Concourse Corporate Center last year from TIAA-CREF, details emerged about plans to move forward with an apartment tower at a pad site on the property.

Regent Concourse Office?

But now with State Farm eating much of the available Central Perimeter office space, David says it may try to lure one of the many large tenants floating around the market. (If you see any aimless suits wandering the streets looking for a cubicle, you'll know where to point them.) "We don't have a fixed timetable to make that decision. Some of that is market driven based on tenant activity," he says.

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