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Our CSI Riddle Winners

Our CSI Riddle Winners


So, apparently, a lot of you are good at Clue. This time, it wasn't Professor Plum in the kitchen with the knife. It was a c leaner with ammonia that mixed with the bleach and did in our poor riddle victim yesterday. Congrats to Hines Interests' Larry Channell, CWC's Jeff Laws, Ten Eight's Adam Chiu, Hilldrup's  Patrick von Holt, Patterson Real Estate Advisory Group's  Ken Grimes, and Jamestown's Mario Mireles on winning the free pass to our  4th Atlanta Annual Capital Markets event on Tuesday. More than 50 of you got it right. And while incorrect, our favorite answer to the question on why the man who cleaned up  spilled bleach on the floor died was provided by Seefried Properties' Doug Smith: "His wife walked in the room."