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transwestern jim adam simpson
Transwestern's Jim Simpson says his son Adam (also at Transwestern) is ?smart and tough? and ?possesses a great sense of humor.? Adam, who spent six years in the Army as an infantryman (and says at least no one tries to shoot him in CRE), says his dad ?is humble about his accomplishments both personally and professionally. He has  never wavered  from his responsibilities with his family. He has earned every bit of success in his life and has never been given anything and he demands the same standards  from me professionally.?
colliers international will bob mathews
Colliers International's Will Mathews  tells us his great relationship with his esteemed father  Bob Mathews is the same in the workplace as it is at home. For example, a stern voice  once called out ?William!? in the halls at Colliers International. ?I immediately had an ominous flashback to my childhood and quickly wondered what I did wrong and how I might be disciplined,? Will says of that time his father called him down to his office. ?It's humbling to work alongside the finest man you know  and that person be your dad,? Will says. ?I admire the passion he exudes for people and his willingness  to go out of his way  to help an individual overcome obstacles  and discover success.?
cousins properties jeff dils avison young steve la rams minnesota vikings quarterback
Cousins Properties' Jeff Dils says he most admires how "humble" his famous father is, Avison Young's Steve Dils (and former Minnesota Vikings, Atlanta Falcons and LA Rams quarterback). ?He has always been that way his whole life and has never let his success in sports or business  go to his head,? Jeff says. Jeff also tells us his father was very excited that Jeff wanted to make a career in CRE. ?We are very similar  in a lot of ways, other than the amount and color of our hair, so he knew that it would be a great fit for me.?
colliers international bick winston pat lee cardwell
Here's Colliers International's  Bick Cardwell with his three sons,Winston, Pat  and  Lee. We spoke with Lee (also at Colliers) about what he admires most about his dad: his character. He describes his dad as his ?greatest coach from t-ball and now business and in life.?