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Germany Wants to Be Atlanta

Germany Wants to Be Atlanta


Bet you didn't know your Bisnow Atlanta reporter was a national entity. That's right, Jarred Schenke has a namesake in Germany. Actually, many namesakes as Leff & Associates' Mitch Leff learned on his recent trip to Southern Germany. Here's a picture of what translates to Monkey Mountain Tavern. In German, Schenke translates to tavern or small town bar (fitting name for our reporter).
leff fam
Mitch and his family ventured into the area near the Swiss border and Lake Konstance. The Leff family (seen here) also traveled to Mt. Santis in the Swiss Alps and   captured this from  8,200 feet above the earth. "From that height, you could see France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Lichtenstein, and Austria," Mitch says. (Or you could just watch The Sound of Music.)
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