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Gator Bait

Gator Bait

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Yes, that's JLL's Gregg Metcalf. Yes, that's one freakin' huge alligator he's next to. Gregg joined his brother JLL's Rob Metcalf along with AGH's  Wes Hudson, Smith & Howard's  Tim Agnew, and DEX Imaging's  Sean Guerin at Lake Okeechobee for a good ol' fashioned gator hunt. Gregg picked off this  10-foot, 4-inch monster, one of four hunted by the group during that night.
gregg boat
Here Gregg shows how they travel the marshes in preparation for the hunt. Since Florida does not allow the use of guns for hunting gators, Gregg says after harpooning his prey, he had to use a "bang stick" (a pole with a .44 magnum round) against the point between the head and neck on the gator. Imagine how he negotiates a real estate deal.