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We thought it would be nice to highlight a couple of fathers and their children  who are both in CRE for Father's Day. What we didn't realize was how many multigenerations there are in our business.
steve scott cooper sam selig hilton head
There are times when Scott Selig (whose first name is really Stephen) is invited to a lunch, but it turns out the person meant to meet his father, the indominable  Steve Selig (here with grandsons Cooper and Sam). ?When they realize they have me at the meeting and not my father, I tell them, 'Don't worry, you got the  younger, smarter Selig, maybe even the better looking one as well',? Scott says. But Scott says in both work and his personal life, Steve makes family come first. ?My father's friends and employees are family to him, and there is nothing he wouldn't do to help them or protect them,? Scott says. ?There is not a day that goes by that someone doesn't mention how he or she knows or has met my father and what a great man he is. That is what is most impressive to me.?
green street properties katharine kelley landmarks blaine kelley concourse corporate center
Jamestown Properties' Katharine Kelley says her father, the famous Blaine Kelley (who developed Concourse Corporate Center) has ?unending energy  and optimism. None of us can keep up with him.? She says her father inspired her to pursue developing mixed-use projects and to ?do the right thing? in life. Read more about real estate families after the break.