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Atlanta Women Inspire

Atlanta Women Inspire
Atlanta Women Inspire

What do Becky Blalock (CIO of Southern Company), Martha Hayhurst, (CEO of Harry Norman Realtors), Debbie Storey (EVP at AT&T), and Jackie Welch (SVP of Human Resources at Turner Broadcasting System) have in common? Well, in addition to being Atlanta power players, they're among 22 women in a new book calledInspiring Women: Becoming Courageous, Wise Leaders. We asked co-author Martha Forlines what surprised her most during research. Her answer: Nothing. ?It's always the same with truly competent people. These women are strong and don't buckle during hard times.? Gulp. Everyone should be like them.

WASHINGTON DC 02.23.2017


Major Projects, an Office Outlook, and a Multifamily & Retail Update

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Howard County
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Montgomery County
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Atapco Properties