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Ritz Bazaar!

We went to Ritz Bazaar's DC Style Intervention, a Men's Fashion soiree at the Georgetown Ritz-Carlton. We snapped Best Dressed Man on the Planet CEO Alton Barber, Saks Fifth Avenue's Levi Strowder, Ritz Bazaar owner Iryna Mologoko, and High Street Aesthetics's Bradley Evans.

fashion show featured the Ritz Bazaar collection of menswear available for rental through their clothing share service. The models: Ritz Banc Group Nasr El Hage Jr., TrustCorp America's Stefan Plesea, pharmacist Anna Veshniak, Oceaneast Associates COO Lido Ramadan, Ryan Braithwaite, and Intelligent Decisions' Cliff Moseley.

Everyone's style was on fleek and special presentations showcased current trends in men's fashion. Here, publicist Isoke Salaam, DC Elite Image owner Teresa Foss-Del Rosso, and Audi of America COO Mark Del Rosso.

A portion of the proceeds benefited The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Here, Mike Luger, Jack Black's Rosetta Henderson and Lisa Bakhtiar, and Anderson Indian Law's Michael Anderson.

Travis Holler, Alfredo Flores & Liz Ovits contributed to this issue.