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Peter Pan!


Peter Pan opened last night at the Threesixty Theatre in Tysons and we were there. Under a large white tent, adults and children packed in to see J.M. Barrie’s story on a large round stage with a 360-degree screen projection on the outer edge of the tent. One highlight was the first time the three children flew out of their London home with Tinkerbell and Peter Pan. As they flew through the air suspended by long wires from the top of the tent, 400 miles of virtual London flew by on the screens around the awestruck audience. 

Another audience favorite was the crocodile that terrified Hook every time it came out. The wooden puppet was operated by two people who realistically slithered the animal around the stage. At the VIP pre-show party, we snapped Greater Washington Board of Trade president Jim Dinegar with the board's meetings and events director Christine Salvador, Jim's kids Ben and Abby, RP3 Agency's Beth Johnson, and her daughters, Megan and Natalie.

Another scene involved audience participation as Peter Pan got them to chant, “we believe in fairies” as Tinkerbell lay dying after drinking poison. Of course, the chanting worked to revive her. The production runs until Aug. 16. Here, Blueline Security Services CEO Shawn Scarlata, his wife, Melissa Dornan, and their children, Reese and Trevor.

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