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Urban Light!

Last night, we went to Network Under 40's Urban Light Fundraiser at Sugar Bar DC. We snapped GLM Fundraising's Glenda Fu, Urban Light founder Alezandra Russell, and Network Under 40's Strother Gaines. GLM has selected Urban Light as its 2016 philanthropy project and plans to raise $15k to provide education and medical care to the Urban Light boys in Thailand.

We learned more about Urban Light's mission to help abused boys in Thailand and to give them the opportunity for a better life. Beltway Dog Training's Karen Krieg, J. Hillburn's Kerilynn Vigneau, and Urban Light's James Guzman.

Haute Haus Agency and Network Under 40 partnered to bring together DC's young movers and shakers while giving back to a great cause. Here, USAID's Dimitri Karmiris, Lacy Kilraine, Stacie Martin, Rafita Usmani, Jeannette Paulino and Daniel Grant

Travis Holler & Elisabeth Ovits contributed to this issue.

We're taking off until 2016. Have a wonderful holiday!