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We went to the hilarious stand-up showcase, Humor Me: The Betches of Comedy, Betches University Edition, for the last stop on their comedy tour. We snapped the comedians: DC Improv's Wendy Wroblewski, Total Frat Move's Jared Freid, New York Comedy Festival's Sara Armour and Comedy Central's The Half Hour's Liza Treyger

The room was mostly women laughing at jokes about man buns and #underbitebeauty by the talented comics who embody the Betches Love This blog. Here, Georgetown's Savannah Keaton, Dave Samuels, Jaime Brzuskiewicz, Stacey Davis, and Blackboard's Kat Wojcik

The show was put on by local comedy companies Traffic Circle and Underground Comedy Production at Bier Baron Tavern. Here, Mandarin Oriental's Hillary Hamm, Michaela Fiortino, Jodi Primak, Alexis Taves, and Shanna Iacovino.