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A Taste Of Greece!

We went to A Taste of Greece at the National Geographic Museum. Guests enjoyed Greek culture and cuisine with local DC-area Greek restaurants Zaytinya, Kellari Taverna, Kapnos, Nostos, Zorba's Cafe and Plaka Grill; and got the opportunity to view the museum's new The Greeks exhibition. We snapped the Pagonis family—MIC director of operations Nick Pagonis; his uncle, Nostos Restaurants owner Peter Pagonis; and Nick's brother, Kapnos DC executive chef/partner George Pagonis.

The Greeks: Agamemnon to Alexander the Great exhibition features the largest collection of Greek antiquities to be displayed in the US in more than 25 years. This exhibition features more than 500 treasures—many of which have never been on display outside of Greece. Here, Booz Allen Hamilton's Argie Kavvada and Paola Libraro flank eJournalPress' Manny Caceres.

Visitors got the opportunity to learn about the early origins of Greek writing and art from the Cycladic and Minoan cultures of the Aegean; and meet the Mycenaean rulers and priestesses, the warriors of Sparta, the heroes, athletes and philosophers of Classical Greece, and Alexander, the king who would spread Greek culture throughout the world—giving rise to civilization as we know it. The exhibit is open until Oct. 10. National Geographic Society’s VP exhibitions Kathryn Keane, archaeologist and explorer Fredrik Hiebert (who curated National Geographic Museum's The Greeks exhibition), On Tap Magazine owner Jennifer Currie and Nat Geo marketing director Julie Gerdes Becnel.

Party-goers also enjoyed wine from Blue Valley Vineyard and Winery and signature cocktails from Kimpton Hotels. Here, CVS's Heather Howells and Elizabeth Hayden

Alfredo Flores contributed to this issue.