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Tip & the Gipper!

Yesterday we went to a PEN/Faulkner luncheon to hear Chris Matthews talk about his newest book, Tip and the Gipper: When Politics Worked.


In a rousing hour-long discussion of elections and politics, he said, “I love this town, but you have to learn to live here; you have to be friends with people on the other side and make deals with the other side.” We snapped him bookended (no pun intended) by the party’s hostess Ann Brown and PEN/Faulkner EVP Willee Lewis.


We learned a new acronym from Chris: PUMAs (party unity my ass). Here, WFP’s Mark McFadden (or McFabulous to his friends), KMW Advisors’ Katherine Woods, and Monumental Sports’ Jack Davies, who put in a plug for his son’s friend performing at the 930 Club on June 10.