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Cosmo Couture!

Washington DC The Scene

Last night we also went to Artisphere for the International Interior Design Association’s 5th annual Cosmo Couture, a collaboration between local architecture and interior design firms and manufacturers who form 25 design teams who create garments reflecting this year’s theme, US Presidents. We snapped WDG Interior Architecture’s Monina Ingle, Manuel Lauzurique, Heidi Wurstle, Emily Hwang, and Trent Walsh who designed the James Madison-inspired 50-pound yarn skirt representing the plumes of smoke from the War of 1812’s burning of DC.


The models walked down a runway and were judged on their performance, creativity, and use of materials; funds raised went to My Sister’s Place. Here, Perkins + Will’s Meredith Nichollson, Emily Mcveigh, Cait Marolf, Jennifer Rogers, Brittany McNairy, Isabel Wright, and Danny Boyle designed the snuffed out Olympic torch, from Jimmy Carter's 1980 Olympics boycot.


800 guests attended the show and reception and nibbled mushroom tarts, chicken flautas, and beef satay. Here, Design Collective’s Lisa Corrado, Sarah Matta, Melissa Rodriguez, Erin Slama, Kristi Odell, and Sadira Benge with their Don’t ask, Don’t tell design from Bill Clinton’s policy on Gays in the military.