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Bowls of Compassion!

Bowls of Compassion!


Last night we also went to the Building Museum for 100 Bowls of CompassionbenefitingMiriams Kitchen. We snapped TFA volunteer Carole Funger, Second Chance volunteer Debby Rales (whos chairing its September gala at the French Embassy), Gibson Enterprises Josh Gibson, and Marconi Pacific chair Tom Gage.


Listening to avintage rock band, and keeping to the Nordic Night theme, we ateGravlax cured char, wild game sausage, and spicy vegetables. Here, philanthropist Andy Rappaport, project manager Lisa Waiguchu, GWs Ellen Wanjiru, and FEMAs John Doyle.


The event beat its $60k direct ask goal in five minutes, with each dollar providing a meal for a DC homeless person.Here, Squire Sanders partner Douglas Povich, his wife Love What Is Coachings Robyn Povich, and Gensler'sKenneth Baker.